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AWA World Champion Uses Shines:

  Russell sent us this email right after he won the AWA World Championship:

  Well I am the AWA World Champion! The cameraman didn't believe me when I told him about my secret weapon, Shines Scent would bring in the deer. We were in a ground blind overlooking a green field so I put a bush out in this field and sprayed it down. Couple hours later the deer came out and went right to the bush. They may use that footage when the show airs the end of December. Check out Thanks again, Russell Barngrover Sent from my iPhone

Wayne Burns - Outdoor AllStars

Wayne Burns

"Being in the Mountains of New Mexico,This country is loaded with Brush Oaks that produce Acorns Thanks to Shines, the Whiteoak Acorn Scent did the trick. This 6x6 Bull Scored 320'' Thanks to Trophy Outfitters for the hunt of a lifetime.Thanks to Shines for keeping it Real."

Wayne Burns - Outdoor AllStars

Wayne Burns

"I have been using Shines Scents and Attractants for the past 6 years and it has definitely increased my success on larger game. "

Rhett Akins - Nashville Recording Artist

Rhett Akins

"Wayne Burns turned me on to Shines White Oak Acorn Scent and here are the results."

Wayne Burns - Outdoor AllStars

Wayne Burns

"Hunting in Texas for wild boar, the Shines White Oak Acorn Scent did the trick."

James A. Stafne, LTC USA (Ret)

"After using a number of cover up scents over the years, I happened to purchase a bottle of White Oak Acorn-Scent from Shines Scents with the usual attitude that the deer olfactory scent capabilities were much better than what I had to offer. In other words, I didn't have a lot of confidence in another attempt to at least limit the number of times I had been "blown" in the woods while sitting in my deer stand. That purchase was made 4-5 years ago and to this date, I have not had a "bad day" in the woods associated with a deer getting a good sniff of me. If one follows the instructions on the bottle, you will not eliminate the ability of the deer to see or hear you, but I can assure the hunter, your success rate should increase accordingly by cancelling one of their defense mechanisms that had caused me many difficulties in the past! Good luck in your next hunt and don't be without a bottle of White Oak Acorn-Scent from Shines Scents."